Congratulations! You’ve finally secured a new home through Southern Cross Housing, this may mean moving to a new neighbourhood or small town. Moving alone can be a bit intimidating sometimes, finding your way around, making new friends and learning the ins and outs of life can throw a huge learning curve your way. That is why, with the assistance of our Tenants Advisory Committee, Southern Cross Housing is proud to provide Welcome Packs for new residents of Batemans Bay to help you transition into community life.

The welcome pack contains useful information on emergency services, food assistance, independent living, support services and some amazing things to do in the Batemans Bay Area. Bush fires and natural disasters are a part of life in Southern New South Wales, so we have included some handy tips on how to be more prepared in an emergency situation.

So, Welcome to Batemans Bay’s Bay! Not only is it an amazing destination in itself, it is also a great base for exploring all the wonders and natural beauty of this area. The region boasts magnificent beaches, fresh seafood and a myriad of water sports both on the sea and in the sparkling Clyde River. We hope this pack helps you as you settle in to your new home.