Position: Group Chief Executive Officer
& Managing Director
Categories: Board Member, Group Executive Team

Alex joined Southern Cross Housing (SCH) in 2016 and brought with him over 30 years of experience in the property, construction, and housing industry, and an extensive qualification portfolio. Prior to this, Alex held many senior executive and advisory positions within private, public, and not-for-profit sectors, that supplied him with a wealth of knowledge relating to Housing NSW, property portfolio planning, NRSCH, and Community Housing Provider (CHP) accreditation. Alex holds a master’s degree in Property Development, a graduate diploma in Urban Estate Management, Clerk of Works qualifications, and is a licensed Builder and a registered Certified Practicing (property) Valuer (CPV).

As CEO, Alex is responsible for the services we provide, the governance we practice, and the growth of the organisation. He is committed to achieve and maintain SCH’s overall vision, ensuring ‘A home for everyone as a foundation to a fulfilling life’, by providing strategic focus and support to all SCH staff, based on operational decisions made by our board of directors.