This policy relates to Part 2 of Housing Regulation 2009, under the Housing Act 2001.


I. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to outline the process for allocation of properties to affordable housing tenants.

II. Definitions
  • Affordable housing is housing that are managed under the the NSW Government Affordable Housing Guidelines.
  • Social housing is low rent accommodation subsidised by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services.
  • Very low, low and moderate income limits are set under the NSW Affordable Housing Guidelines and may be amended from time to time.
III. Coverage

This policy applies to all affordable housing properties owned and/or managed by Southern Cross Housing (SCH).

IV. Principles

Available affordable housing properties will be advertised in the local SCH service centre, on at least one internet site and in a local newspaper. A register of eligible applicants will be maintained for a period of 6 months. After that time, eligible applicants must apply again for any new properties that become available.

Applicants on the social housing waiting list may be identified and encouraged to apply for affordable housing. This does not constitute an offer of social housing and the household can refuse this invitation, or a subsequent offer of an affordable housing tenancy, without penalty to their status on the waiting list. However, if an offer of affordable housing property is accepted, the applicant will be regarded as suitably housed and removed from the waiting list. Upon acceptance tenancies will be managed under SCH’s Affordable Housing policies.

V. Responsibilities

The Housing Officer is responsible for advertising vacancies and identifying appropriate tenants for properties, in consultation with the relevant Manager. Decisions on allocations will be approved by the relevant Manager.

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