This policy relates to:
Services Australia Centrepay policy and Centrepay Procedural Guide for Businesses v5.0
Privacy Act 1988, Australian Privacy Principles
NRSCH Performance Outcome 4 & 5


The purpose of this policy is to provide SCH staff with clear instructions and direction regarding the procedures and responsibilities involved in accessing, gathering, and maintaining customer personal data while facilitating Centrepay services.


  • Agency – Services Australia, an Australian Government agency
  • Centrepay – is a voluntary bill-paying service that is free for Centrelink customers, enabling customers to authorise the Agency to deduct regular amounts from their welfare payments to pay their bills to an approved business.
  • The Customer Reference Number (CRN) – is the unique identifier provided to all customers and businesses who interact with the Agency.
  • A Deduction Authority – is the consent and instruction from a customer or their customer representatve to make a deduction that is an approved service reason.
  • Centrelink Business Online Service (or CBOS) – the secure online service provided by the Agency by which SCH manages Centrepay activities.

    This policy applies to all SCH staff.


    Southern Cross Housing will:

  • Ensure adherence to all guidelines and regulations established by Services Australia regarding the utilisation of Centrepay services.
  • Provide transparent communication to our customers, the terms, and conditions of using Centrepay for payment, including any fees, charges, or conditions associated with the service.
  • Uphold customer privacy and safeguard sensitive financial information in accordance with relevant privacy laws and regulations.
  • Ensure that the services provided through Centrepay align with acceptable standards of quality and value for customers.
  • Make Centrepay services accessible and provide adequate support to customers who may have questions or require assistance with their payments.
  • Not discriminate against customers based on their use of Centrelink benefits or any other protected characteristic.
  • Adhere to all applicable consumer rights laws and regulations, including those related to refunds, exchanges, and warranties.
  • Conduct business in an ethical and responsible manner, avoiding any practices that may be considered deceptive, unfair, or exploitative.
  • Continuously evaluate and enhance Centrepay services to better meet the needs of our customers and overall customer satisfaction.

    The Deputy CEO is responsible for authorising the Business Application and individual Centrelink Business On-Line User Services (CBOS) .
    The General Manager Corporate Services is responsible for maintaining SCH practices and procedures up to date in alignment with the Centrepay Framework and policies.
    The Audit & Compliance Officer is responsible for keeping an updated record of online (CBOS) users and performing routine Centrepay audits as per the Internal Audit schedule.
    All SCH staff using the CBOS, must comply with the terms of use of CBOS and any other relevant policies relating to the use of CBOS as advised by the Agency.

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