This policy relates to to National Regulatory System for Community Housing Performance Outcome P1 – Supporting Tenant and Resident Engagement.



I. Purpose

This policy outlines Southern Cross Housing’s (SCH) approach to engaging with our tenants and stakeholders and provides guidance to SCH employees in implementing community engagement activities.

II. Definitions
  • Community – People who live in properties that are managed by Southern Cross Housing and are united by at least one common characteristic such as geography, shared interests, impacts, values, experiences, or traditions.
  • Community engagement – The process of involving the community to actively participate in consultation involving initiatives, plans, projects, and policies that SCH develops on behalf of the community and considering that input when decisions are made.
  • Stakeholders – Groups and individuals who have an interest in the decisions of SCH and are directly impacted by their outcomes.
III. Coverage

This policy applies to all SCH staff, board members, contract workers, consultants and all people who engage with the community and stakeholders on behalf of SCH.

IV. Principles

SCH’s approach to all community and stakeholder engagement activities are guided by the following set of principles:

  • Right to be involved: SCH tenants and stakeholders have a right to be involved in decisions that affect them. SCH is genuine, responsive, and transparent in seeking input from tenants and stakeholders and considering that input when decisions are made.
  • Accessible and inclusive: SCH is inclusive and accessible to all tenants, incorporating all ages, abilities, genders, and cultural backgrounds. SCH will provide a range of engagement activities to ensure that the broadest possible range of stakeholders can participate.
  • Timely: SCH respects people’s time and will provide sufficient timeframes for tenants and stakeholders to participate and provide input. Conversely, where input and feedback has been requested of SCH, a timely response is an expectation of staff.
  • Tailored: SCH will use a range of engagement and communication methods that suit the purpose of the engagement activities and the range of stakeholders involved, including subsets of the community that may be difficult to reach.
  • Transparent: SCH will make decisions in an open and transparent way and provide feedback to our stakeholders to explain our decisions and how their input has influenced the outcome.
  • Learning from practice: SCH will evaluate our engagement activities to facilitate opportunities for improved efficiency and quality of services as part of SCH’S commitment to continuous improvement.
V. Responsibilities

The Communities Assist Manager is responsible for ensuring that all engagement activities are conducted in accordance with SCH’s Mission statement and the fundamentals of this policy.

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