This policy relates to the Land and Housing Corporation Home Modification Guidelines and SCH Alterations and Additions policy.

NRSCH Performance Outcome 1- Housing Services.



The purpose of this policy is to guide staff on approval of funding for Disability Modifications.


Disability Modifications are any modifications recommended by an Occupational Therapist as required to enable a tenant to safely access and live in their home as a result of their disability.


This policy applies to all SCH Capital and Owned Social Housing


Approval of Disability Modifications will be considered in line with the SCH Alterations and Additions policy, and the Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) Home Modification Guidelines for properties owned by LAHC, or by property owners if the property is leased from private investors.

Once a modification is approved, depending on the size and value of the modification and the tenant’s personal circumstances, it may be funded by:

The property owner (normally LAHC),

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS),

The tenant, or

Southern Cross Housing

Social Housing property owners have an obligation to fund modifications that are considered to be reasonable adjustments under the National Disability Agreement. Other required Disability Modifications for Social Housing properties may be funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme, if a tenant is eligible, or from the tenant’s own resources.

In exceptional circumstances, Southern Cross Housing may also agree to fund modifications for properties that it does not own, at the discretion of the Executive Manager Property Services or Chief Executive Officer.


Housing Officers are responsible for determining whether a tenant is likely to be eligible for NDIS funding and recommending a funding source.

Asset Officers/Asset Manager/Executive Manager Property Services are responsible for arranging funding approval for modifications to be funded by LAHC or SCH.

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