This policy relates to the Child Protection (Offenders Registration) Act 2000 and the Privacy Act 1988.



I. Purpose

To advise staff of their legal and administrative responsibilities when handling information about registrable persons and managing applications or tenancies of registrable persons.

II. Definition
  • A Registrable Person is a person who has been sentenced in respect of a registrable offence against a child/children.
III. Coverage

This policy applies to all staff who receive information about a registrable persons, including staff who assess applications or the managing of tenancies for people who identify as being registrable persons.

IV. Principles

Registrable people are entitled to the same access to social housing as other applicants and tenants. Being a registrable person does not automatically place any restrictions on where a person may live, such as near schools or parks.

The NSW Child Protection Register is maintained by the NSW Police and assists the NSW Police and Child Services NSW to manage the risk of registrable people in the community. The register is not intended for use by other parties and it is not the responsibility of other parties, including Southern Cross Housing (SCH), to manage the risks of registrable people in the community.
Information contained in the register is classed as sensitive information under the Privacy Act 1988, and it is an offence to disclose any information, including whether a person is, or is not, a registrable person.

If a SCH staff member receives information that an applicant or tenant is a registrable person, the information is considered to be sensitive, that is only necessary for the purpose of allocating housing and managing tenancies, and can only be used for those purposes and must not be disclosed to any party other than the NSW Police or Child Services NSW.

As a social housing provider, SCH must contact NSW Police and Child Services NSW prior to allocation of a property, including temporary accommodation, and in some circumstances in relation to the tenancy of a registrable person. All contact with the NSW Police and Child Services NSW in relation to registrable people must be via FaCS Registercheck.

V. Responsibilities

Access and Demand staff are responsible for recommending allocations of property to registrable persons. The Access and Demand Manager is responsible for approving Out of Guidelines temporary accommodation if necessary. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for approving the final allocation of a property to a registrable person. Housing Officers are responsible for managing the tenancies of registrable persons.

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