This policy relates to Private Rental Assistance products offered under the Social Housing Management Transfer agreement with Housing NSW.
NRSCH Performance Outcome 1 – Tenant and Housing Services.


The purpose of this policy is to guide staff on eligibility and assessment of applications for private rental assistance.


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This policy applies to all SCH staff.


Private Rental Assistance products offer short-term assistance to clients who may:
• have difficulty entering the private rental market,
• have complex needs,
• have low income,
• be homeless or at risk of homelessness, or
• be experiencing a crisis or escaping domestic violence.

SCH can offer, or facilitate access to, the following private rental assistance products on behalf of the
NSW Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ):
• Statements of Satisfactory Tenancy,
• Assistance to obtain a private rental property through the Private Rental Brokerage Service,
• Tenancy Guarantee,
• Private Rental Subsidies (PRS), and/or
• Brokerage Funds.

SCH can also offer a Rent Choice Start Safely or Youth Subsidy and some RentStart Assistance
products including Tenancy Assistance and Temporary Accommodation.

In the Shoalhaven, SCH will offer these products and arrange payment to providers. In other
regions, SCH will refer potential applicants to the Housing Contact Centre for assessment.

Each Private Rental Assistance and RentStart Assistance option has different eligibility requirements,
but generally, you must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident and a resident of New South
Wales to be eligible. Further information on eligibility and assessment is available on the DCJ


The Access and Demand team is responsible for assessing eligibility for Private Rental Assistance,
RentChoice and RentStart Assistance products.

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