This policy relates to the NSW Residential Tenancies Act 2010.



I. Purpose

To guide Southerns Cross Housing (SCH) property and tenancy staff on the process for conducting property clean-ups.

II. Definitions
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III. Coverage

This policy applies to all managed SCH rental properties

IV. Principles

Tenants are responsible as part of their Tenancy Agreement for maintaining the external grounds of their premises in a clean and tidy condition, including the maintenance of lawns.

SCH recognises that there are times when tenants may experience difficulties in maintaining the external grounds of their premises. This may include circumstances such as:

  • Physical health limitations, or
  • Financial stress.

In such circumstances, SCH may offer to assist the tenant(s) by providing a free clean-up and disposal service. Tenants may not be offered a clean-up if they are in rent arrears, unless they have committed to a repayment plan.

Only one free clean- up will be provided for each SCH tenancy. Additional clean-ups may be offered for a nominal fee; this will be determined by SCH.

V. Responsibilities

All staff of Property Services and Tenancy Services are responsible for monitoring the tidiness and cleanliness of SCH properties and identifying the need for a clean-up to occur. Housing Officers are responsible for requesting a free clean-up service , based on their knowledge of the tenant’s circumstances and history. It is the responsibility of the Housing Officer making the request to supply all requested information to the Property Services Administration Coordinator.

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