This policy relates to Section 41 of the Residential Tenancies Act 2010.

NRSCH Performance Outcome 1- Tenant & Housing Services.



The purpose of this policy is to advise SCH staff and tenants of the arrangements to apply when an SCH Social Housing tenant or approved occupant commences employment for the first time.




This policy only applies to SCH Social Housing tenants, excluding tenants in BlueCHP owned properties.


To be eligible for the Start Work Bonus, a tenant must be in a Social Housing property owned or managed by SCH. Tenants in Affordable Housing properties or BlueCHP owned properties are not eligible.

The household must have received Government pensions, benefits, or allowances as its primary source of income in the 12 months prior to the application, and the tenant or occupant must be starting work for the first time since commencing as a tenant with SCH.

Applications may be made by post, email or in person on the approved application form, accompanied by evidence of total household income. Applications must be received within 28 days of starting paid employment. Employment may be casual, part time, full time, seasonal work, or self-employment.

If applicants meet the eligibility criteria and lodge an application with evidence of income within 28 days, the additional income from starting the new job will not be included in the household’s calculation of rent payable for up to 26 weeks.

After 26 weeks, the household rent subsidy will decrease based on the new household income. If the household member stops working during the 26-week period, the tenant must notify SCH prior to the end of the Start Work Bonus approval period. SCH will then reassess the rent subsidy and ensure that the tenant pays the correct rent.

A household will not be eligible for the Start Work Bonus for any period that it is paying minimum rent of $5 per week under the SCH Absence from Property policy, or if the tenancy is in arrears at the time of application.


Tenancy & Housing Officers are responsible for providing all income and Start Work Bonus paperwork to the Access & Demand Housing Officers.

Access and Demand Housing Officers are responsible for assessing and approving eligibility for the Start Work Bonus.

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