This policy relates to NSW Family and Community Services Charging of Rent policy.
NRSCH Performance Outcome 1 – Tenant and Housing Services


The purpose of this policy is to advise support agencies of the requirements to collect temporary
accommodation rent contributions from Occupants.


• Temporary Accommodation – is short-term emergency accommodation provided to assist
people who are homeless or escaping domestic or family violence.

• Co-contribution – clients receiving Temporary Accommodation assistance will be asked to
make a contribution to the cost of their accommodation.


This policy applies to Temporary Accommodation owned by SCH for which occupant contributions
are payable to SCH.


Occupants in Temporary Accommodation properties will be advised of their Temporary
Accommodation co-contribution by SCH.

A range of factors will be considered to determine the client’s ability to contribute including:

  • The number of days before the client received a payment from their employer or Centrelink (where a client is escaping Domestic Violence, no co-contribution will be requested).
  • The length of assistance required
  • Any savings the client may have
  • Any increase in living costs caused by living in temporary accommodation
  • The contribution requested should not place the client under financial hardship.

    As a general rule a client may expect to contribute 1 day’s accommodation in every 14.

    Co-contributions must be paid by electronic funds transfer (EFTPOS).


    Service Providers contracted to manage Temporary Accommodation properties will be responsible
    for collecting co-contributions from occupants and payment to SCH.

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