This policy relates to Sections 148-149 of the NSW Residential Tenancies Act 2010, and Housing Pathways Transfer Policy.


I. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to outline the circumstances under which tenant initiated and management-initiated transfers may be requested and approved.

II. Definitions

A Tenant Transfer is the transfer of an existing social housing tenant to an alternative social housing property. It includes transfers between Department of Communities and Justice managed housing and SCH managed housing.

Tenant requests to transfer an existing tenancy to another occupant are covered under the SCH Recognition as a Tenant policy.

III. Coverage

This policy applies to all SCH managed Social housing properties.

IV. Principles

A tenant may request a transfer to an alternative social housing property if there is a change in their circumstances that affects their housing needs. To qualify for a transfer, the tenant must be eligible for social housing, have evidence that their circumstances have changed since their current tenancy commenced and satisfy one of the following transfer grounds:

  • ‘At risk’ of violence, abuse, or neglect,
  • Under-occupancy,
  • Medical condition and/or disability,
  • Serious and ongoing harassment,
  • Employment,
  • Severe or moderate overcrowding,
  • Family breakdown/separation, or
  • Compassionate grounds.

Tenants must provide the required documentation or evidence to support their application.

SCH will only consider transfer requests for other reasons at the discretion of the Chief Operating Officer .

Tenant initiated transfer requests will be placed on the NSW Housing Pathways waiting list.

If a tenant transfers from a DCJ managed property to a SCH managed property, they will be subject to the lease arrangements and policies of SCH.

Unless the need for a transfer is urgent, a Tenant initiated transfer will not be offered alternative housing if they have an outstanding debt to SCH or their previous social housing provider, or if they have a history of poor property care or anti-social behaviour.

Tenants may be assigned a Management initiated transfer if their current property is under-occupied, if they are in a leasehold property that is being handed back to the owner, if they cease to be eligible for Affordable Housing or other reasons at the discretion of the Senior Housing Officer. Management initiated transfers may be placed on the NSW Housing Pathways waiting list as priority applications, at the discretion of SCH and SCH may terminate a tenancy if the tenant refuses two alternative offers of housing.

V. Responsibilities

Housing Officers are responsible for dealing with Tenant initiated transfer requests.

The Access and Demand Manager and the Chief Operating Officer are responsible for approving Tenant initiated and Management initiated transfers.

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