This policy relates to Section 51 of the NSW Residential Tenancies Act 2010.


I. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to outline tenant obligations in parking vehicles.

II. Definitions

• Vehicles include cars, trucks, motorbikes, caravans, boats, and trailers.

III. Coverage

This policy applies to all SCH tenants.

IV. Principles

The policy for tenant parking only allows for one vehicle per unit or townhouse. Tenants with a garage or carport provided must park their vehicle in their garage or carport rather than parking in front of the garage/carport or in any adjacent areas.

All vehicles must fit between the designated parking lines. No vehicle can extend past these lines and no vehicle may be parked on crossovers or council verges.

A tenant will be in breach of their tenancy agreement where:

• A vehicle causes a nuisance to other residents because it is blocking access to common areas,

• Vehicles are parked on the lawn or nature strip,

• Unregistered vehicles are left in resident car park spaces, unless approval is obtained,

• A vehicle interferes with the comfort of surrounding neighbours because it is occupying car spaces allocated for visitors,

• A vehicle represents a hazard because it is in a state of disrepair and/or has been left in a common area or on a nature strip, or

• There is more than one vehicle per licenced driver who is an approved occupant or tenant, which must be registered to that address.

SCH has the right of discretion to vary parking arrangements.

Caravans, boats, and trailers must be parked on the driveway or rear yard if available.

SCH takes no responsibility for vehicles parked on SCH properties. SCH encourages people not to leave valuables in vehicles.

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