Provider Description

Provide affordable accommodation to homeless men in a secure, emotionally stable environment free of drugs, alcohol and violence. Provide structured weekly programs which enable clients to develop life skills, including financial responsibility, time and task management, personal health and hygiene. Assist and support clients to accept responsibility for their behaviour and re-engage with the community to establish and maintain appropriate social networks. Collaborate with other support services to assist clients in securing employment and independent accommodation.

How to Access Services

download a copy of Hope House Client referral form from Email complete form to
call the office (02) 4472 2981 and speak to one of our team members during office hours (9am-2pm) for information.

Criteria For Accessing Services

Eligible Homeless Men aged 18 and over with no criminal history of sexual assault, non anti-social behaviours, no active substance users.
Please contact the office and speak to one of our friendly team members, and for further information, please refer to the Hope House Residency Terms and Conditions on our website (

Community Life Batemans Bay Inc. – Hope House
6 Herarde Street
Batemans Bay 2536