Provider Description

Hardship assistance and financial emergency relief

How to Access Services

By dropping into our support service on Tuesday and Wed mornings 9.30 and to 12.30 pm at the offices at Monaro Community Access Services 90 Vale Street. Our Phone Assist Line operates 9-4 Monday to Friday 02 8775 7988. You can have a private talk with an assessor or have them call you back. If they can assist you can collect Emergency Relief Universal Gift Cards at our Doorways centre in Vale Street on the 2 mornings per week as above or to collect pre-arranged Emergency

Criteria For Accessing Services

For universal gift card (emergency relief financial assistance) a community member will require an assessment on the Salvo Assistance Line (SAL).

The Salvation Army Australia Cooma Community of Hope and CONNECT Site
90 Vale Street
Cooma 2630