Provider Description

Learning for Life provides families with opportunities to increase their children’s success at school.

Learning for Life provides:
Support from a Learning for Life team member who can help children improve school attendance, smooth the change from primary to high school and give information on services available.
Access to educational programs that can further support children.
Financial support to help with costs related to education such as books, uniforms and excursions.

How to Access Services

If you know of families that meet all of criteria and would like to refer them for the Learning for Life program, please speak with your local Family Partnership Coordinator.
Hannah Saba

Criteria For Accessing Services

To be eligible, a family must:
• Have a child/ children in Kindergarten/ Prep/ Reception to Year 6, who attend a school that we work with
• Have a current Health Care or Pension Concession Card
• Demonstrate a strong commitment to education through regular school attendance

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