Provider Description

Women’s Legal Service NSW (WLS NSW) is a community legal centre providing women across NSW with a range of free legal services. We provide specialist legal services relating to domestic violence, sexual assault, family law, discrimination, victims support, child protection, human rights and access to justice.

How to Access Services

Women’s Legal Advice Line: 02 8745 6988

Domestic Violence Legal Advice Line: 02 8745 6999

First Nations Women’s Legal Contact Line: 8745 6954

Working Women’s Legal Service: Fill out the form on our website

We accept warm referrals from other community legal centres, community support services, health care professionals, housing services and domestic violence services.

Criteria For Accessing Services

WLS NSW provides a free service for all women in the community, particularly for those who are socially and economically disadvantaged.

Women’s Legal Service NSW
PO Box 206
Lidcombe 2050