Neighbour Day is celebrated annually to raise awareness of the importance of social connection and neighbourly actions. We know that the COVID-19 pandemic has created barriers for neighbours to connect and that this has also impacted negatively on many tenant’s health and wellbeing.

Luke Gilligan, Acting Chief Operating Officer, Southern Cross Housing said, “A number of our tenants have consistently demonstrated qualities of a good neighbour throughout the pandemic and their actions ought to be recognised and celebrated.”

In light of this, Southern Cross Housing sought to recognise and celebrate our tenants displaying the virtues of a Good Neighbour by conducting an Awards program for tenants that are doing a great job of supporting their neighbours and community.

The following tenants have received awards under the 2022 SCH Good Neighbour Awards Program.

Good Neighbour Award – Marcus Hardcastle

Marcus exemplifies all qualities of what it takes to be a good neighbour. He regularly assists many of his neighbours with a variety of jobs and is also active within the broader Ulladulla community. Marcus also provided great support to the SCH Team having helped at Southern Cross Housing’s Ulladulla Christmas party last year and has recently joined the Ulladulla Tenants Advisory Committee

Senior Neighbour Award – Mark Lapworth

Mark exemplifies all qualities of a good neighbour, specifically within his housing complex which predominately houses over 55’s. Mark is actively advocating and assisting SCH to develop procedures that can be enacted for tenants to access bereavement support. He is also passionate about energy efficiency.  Mark is also an active member of the Bega Valley Tenant Advisory Committee.

Gardening and Sustainability (Individual) – Deborah Cole

Deborah displays fantastic landscaping skills and sustainable practices by producing her own fruit and vegetables whilst also keeping a neat and tidy garden.

Gardening and Sustainability (Community) – Donald Kebby and Sylvia Flavelle

Donald and Sylvia are great neighbours and can often be found working together growing veggies in their community vegetable garden. Produce from their garden is often made available to their neighbours within the complex at Cobargo. Sylvia teaches Donald sustainable practices, and in turn, Donald helps with more physical tasks.

All winners received a $50 voucher to a local café or hardware store.