Water is a very important resource not only for us but for the environment too. Although it might seem like we have an endless supply when we turn on the tap, water is in fact a finite resource. It is important we make sure to think about our water consumption wisely.

When we reduce our water consumption not only do we help the environment, but we also help ourselves by saving on power and water charges.

To enable SCH as a landlord to charge for water SCH is required to comply to the water efficiency measures.

Some helpful tips include:

Water saving shower heads. These shower heads restrict the flow of water while having a shower, which means you will use less water and less energy to heat up the water you would have used otherwise. And don’t worry, these shower heads still provide good water pressure, so it doesn’t feel like you’re standing under a trickle of water!

Shorter showers. This one is self-explanatory. Set a timer when you have a shower to make sure you don’t spend too long under the water. Again this will save on water and energy which in turn will save on bills.

Full loads of washing. Try waiting until you have a full load of washing before running either the dishwasher or washing machine.

Watering at dawn/dusk. If you have a lawn or garden to maintain try watering in the early morning or late afternoon to ensure your plants have the best opportunity to soak up the water and not lose it to evaporation under the sun.

Gardening. If you’re looking to do a backyard blitz and spruce up your garden, talk to employees at garden centres and nurseries about Australian natives which require less water to survive and flourish.

Leaks. The drip drip of a leaky tap might seem insignificant but overtime it can amount to a lot of wasted water. Be sure to turn off taps fully when not in use. If they still leak, please call our Maintenance Team. 1300757885 ext. 2

For more useful water saving tips you can check out Smart Watermark online.

You can also go to your local council’s website to discover more information about water consumption in your area, including water restrictions in times of drought.

If you’re curious about how your water consumption stacks up against those around you, you can complete the Smart Watermark water calculator online.

Details of gardener using hosepipe and watering the lawn, grass and plants. backyard gardening