If you have unpaid debt with NSW State Revenue, Southern Cross Housing can assist by sponsoring you with a Work Development Order. A Work Development Order is an agreement that is made by you to participate in an approved activity to work off your fines. By agreeing to participate in an approved activity, you can reduce your fines by up to $1000 a month.


Approved activities may include:

  • Education such as short courses or certificates
  • Financial Counselling
  • Mentorship programs provided by an external organisation
  • Volunteering


To be eligible you must be either:

  • Aged Under 18
  • Receiving a Centrelink or DVA benefit
  • Have a mental illness, intellectual disability or cognitive impairment
  • Have a serious addiction to drugs, alcohol or volatile substances
  • Experiencing serious financial hardship
  • Homeless

Please call the Communities Assist Team on 1800 757 885 or email Communities@scch.org.au for more information.

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