Southern Cross aims to make management agreements mutually beneficial. We can confirm the following benefits to our landlords are made available through this arrangement.

  • Handing the rented property back to you at the end of the tenancy in the same condition as we receive it (aside from fair wear and tear)
  • All tenancy matters are managed by Southern Cross Housing. We are the tenant in this agreement and all communications regarding the tenancy are directed through us and our skilled team of Housing and Property Officers.
  • Rent will be paid to you at the end of each month, in advance during the agreement. This happens each month whether we have the property tenanted or not which guarantees 365 days per year of rental income to our landlords with no risk of vacant periods or being impacted by a tenant’s inability to pay rent due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • We will only charge a single management fee (9% of rent + GST) which we will deduct from your monthly payments. This fee enables us to continue to assist the neediest in our communities as all profits are invested back into housing.
  • Southern Cross Housing is a registered tier 1 Community Housing provider and not-for-profit organisation.
  • We will at your request keep on top of your legislated compliance requirements, such as arranging for annual smoke alarm compliance checks.
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Southern Cross is looking for rental properties across the Shoalhaven, Eurobodalla, Snowy Monaro, and Bega local council areas. If you’re a landlord or real estate agent with a property to rent, we would love to hear from you. We can manage your property in conjunction with a lease under the Residential Tenancies Act 2010. Your lease will be with Southern Cross Housing as the tenant, and we will sub-let and fully manage the tenancies of people who are currently awaiting social housing.


Southern Cross Housing is a registered Tier 1 Community Housing Provider and has been successfully subletting rental properties in South East NSW since 1983. We can provide you with the stability of a long-term tenancy and guarantee you regular monthly advance payment of rent for the duration of the agreement. Choosing to lease your property to a registered community housing provider removes any risk of rental arrears or occupancy gaps for you meaning, you can feel secure in your investment.


Our Housing Officers undertake rigorous supervision of eligible tenants that we sublet properties to, including ongoing phone support and regular routine property inspections in accordance with the residential tenancies Act 2010. Sub-Leases are managed in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 and Community Housing Guidelines.

At the end of our tenancy, we will manage the handback process and ensure the property is returned to you in the same condition (aside from fair wear and tear) as stated on the initial property condition report. We have an extensive list of trade-certified and licensed contractors at our disposal to ensure a high standard of work is performed on your property.


What can I expect from the process of entering into a management agreement with Southern Cross Housing?

Southern Cross Housing will request details about your property, i.e., location, number of bedrooms and market rent payable on the property. If the property fits our requirements, landlords can expect the following steps to occur:
  1. One of our officers will visit the property to check if it meets all our asset standards, compliance and safety requirements including smoke alarms. If they have any concerns, they will make suggestions as to what can be done to bring the property to standard or ensure compliance from the outset
  2. If the property meets asset standards or there is a plan in place to do so & parties wish to proceed, the lease and management agreement are signed. Southern Cross Housing will prepare these documents.
  3. Initial property condition report is completed by a Southern Cross Housing Officer and provided to the landlord to sign in agreeance
  4. Landlord provides Southern Cross with current building insurance, public liability certificate of currency and landlord insurance details.
  5. Southern Cross Housing can provide the landlord with a letter of guarantee which we offer in lieu of a bond lodged with the rental bond board.
  6. Rent will be paid from lease start date with a minimum of one month’s advance rent.
  7. Landlord will be asked to confirmif they want Southern Cross Housing to arrange for annual smoke alarms compliance in accordance with the Residential tenancies act

Is Southern Cross housing a licenced real estate agent?

Southern Cross Housing is a registered social housing provider and are overseen by a registrar (governed by state and federal legislation) hence we aren’t required to be a licenced real estate agent.

Will I be able to screen prospective tenants before they are allocated to live in my investment property?

Community housing providers, including Southern Cross Housing, are subject to a tenant pool from the NSW social housing waiting list, hence we are unable to provide landlords with full screening of tenants, however, we treat allocations into our private rentals delicately and do our best to place tenants who we believe will be the right fit for the property.

Who do tenants report maintenance to if something goes wrong in my property?

We have a dedicated 24-hour maintenance line that tenants can use as the first point of contact. We will contact you by phone and a follow-up email to advise of the issue and it’s at your discretion as to whether to take advantage of our industry rates and let us manage the works. If you prefer to do the work yourself, we only request that you provide a list of preferred trades and their contact details so that we can act in the event of an emergency.

I want to increase the rent on my property, what is the process for doing this?

Market rent increases can be notified to Southern Cross housing in accordance with the residential tenancies Act 2010 section 41. Refer to the Fair Trading Website for the procedure for rent increases and a handy form that outlines all the information required to request an increase to rent.

How is my monthly rent calculated?

Monthly rent = weekly rent * 52/12
Less management fee = Monthly rent *0.09 * 1.1 (9% + GST)

Is the management fee tax deductible?

Yes, it is an expense incurred in the management of your rental property please consult your accountant for more details on this.

Can I get a statement of account at the end of each financial year for my tax?

Yes, Southern Cross Housing will prepare a statement of transactions occurring against your account for the financial year at your request.

What happens if the tenant in my property is unable to pay their rent?

The rent payable by our tenant has no effect on the amount Southern Cross, as the head tenant in the agreement pays to landlords each month. We will pay monthly rent in advance for the life of the agreement regardless of the amount we receive from our tenant.

What happens if the tenant moves out?

Southern Cross Housing will ensure the property is returned to its original condition (aside from fair wear and tear) and allocate a new tenant to the property. The landlord will still get the same monthly rent amount even if the property is vacant for a period of time before we can find someone else to occupy it.