Policy context: This policy relates to Part 2 of Housing Regulation 2009


I. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to outline the process for allocation of properties to social housing tenants.

II. Definitions

Social housing is low rent accommodation subsidised by the NSW Department of Communities and Justice.

Ill. Coverage

This policy applies to all social housing properties owned and managed by Southern Cross Housing (SCH).

IV. Principles

SCH will be fair, efficient and consistent in the decisions made about suitable allocations. This includes:

  • making the best use of housing stock to ensure that the number of bedrooms and any
    special features or modifications are utilised to their maximum advantage,
  • ensuring housing is suitable for the tenant, considering both the needs and, where possible,
    the preferences of the highest priority applicants, and
  • creating sustainable and balanced communities.

SCH will allocate vacant properties consistent with Department of Communities and Justice policy,
balancing issues of suitability of the allocation for the tenant and the community in order to
minimise future tenancy problems and maximise tenant satisfaction.

V. Responsibilities

The Housing Officer conducting Allocations is responsible for identifying appropriate properties for
tenants, in consultation with the relevant tenancy team member. Decisions on allocation will be
approved by the Manager, Access and Demand or the Senior Housing Officer, Access and Demand.

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