This policy relates to Housing Pathways requirements for categorisation of ex-tenants.


I. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to give guidance to staff on classification of ex-tenants for the purposes of providing a rental reference and decisions on whether they are eligible for future housing.

II. Definitions
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III. Coverage

This policy applies to all tenants of housing managed by Southern Cross Housing (SCH).

IV. Principles

Housing Pathways providers must apply the same types of categories to former social housing tenants or occupants as Housing NSW, but providers may have their own policy to determine which category should be applied to a particular tenant or occupant.

The five categories are:

  1. Eligible for a Statement of Satisfactory Tenancy,
  2. Satisfactory Former Social Housing Tenants,
  3. Less than Satisfactory Former Social Housing Tenants,
  4. Unsatisfactory Former Social Housing Tenants, or
  5. Ineligible for Future Housing.

Ex-tenants may obtain details of the category applied to them by contacting SCH. SCH provides rental references for ex-tenants on request, in lieu of the Statement of Satisfactory Tenancy issued by Housing NSW.

V. Responsibilities

Regional Managers or their delegate are responsible for categorising ex-tenants and occupants upon termination of tenancies, unless the tenant or occupant is considered potentially ineligible for future housing. Only the Chief Executive Officer may categorise a former tenant or occupant as ineligible for future housing.