Welcome to our Spring Tenant Newsletter. In this edition, you will get to read about what SCH has been up to,

Achieving 99 years of life is no small feat. As we age, we might carry the accumulation of years on our bodies, but we can stay young at heart and have the determination to not let the years weigh on our spirit. Recently, our oldest resident Harry turned 99 years old and, in our opinion, Harry looks like he could go on for another 99 years!

Harry has been living in Nowra all his life. Harry said, “My wife and I have been in this very house for almost 33 years, previously we were living in Callala Bay, and I don’t plan on leaving here any time soon.” With his faithful companion cattle dog by his side, Harry expressed his love for his community and is very thankful to his neighbours and friends in the area that assist him when he needs it the most. Harry said “My neighbours and friends come and check-in on me every now and then, offer to take me anywhere I need to go. Nigel, who lives two doors down, has been extremely kind to me for nearly 25 years now. He’s a great bloke.”

Getting older is inevitable, and while we can’t control our age, we can certainly control how fast or slow our body ages. Harry has most certainly put this into practice, and even though 15 years ago he was told that he had a terminal illness, Harry is still going strong and answered the age-old question of, ‘How do you age gracefully?’ by saying, “Looking after my body of course! I do the same exercise routine every day, I get up in the morning and I do knee bends, squats and stretches so I’m still able to get around and move.” While the exercises he showed us were impressive for his age, Harry also expressed the importance of choosing what he puts in his body, “I don’t drink or smoke, I haven’t had a drink in nearly 5 years now and I feel better for it”.

Harry wanted to also express the importance of receiving help from his My Aged Care package. Harry said, “My Aged Care support provider has been extremely helpful, I’ve been supported by the same care worker now for more than 12 months and I couldn’t be happier with the services they are providing me.” Harry mentioned that when he was first assessed for My Aged Care, he was given a Level 1 package, however because his needs changed, he applied for a re-assessment, and he was given a Level 3 package. “Before I was re-assessed, I was paying a lot of money for medical equipment I needed, but now it all goes through my package and I’m better off for it.”

Happy Birthday Harry! We hope you enjoyed your special day with your family, and we wish you good health for the future. If you or anyone you know is over the age of 65 and needs help to apply for a My Aged Care package, you can call My Aged Care directly on 1800 200 422. If you would like support to call My Aged Care, call your Housing Officer today on
1300 757 885.

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