Welcome to our Autumn Tenant Newsletter. In this edition, you will get to read about what SCH has been up to,

At the start of the new school year, it’s very easy for parents and students to feel the pinch of having to purchase resources and equipment to get ready for a big year of learning. The 2023 June Steven’s Scholarship program has been a great success, providing funding to 35 applicants to go towards their studies. The funding allowed parents and students to purchase their school uniforms, laptops, school fees and textbooks. The total amount that was approved in 2023 was just over $24,500! The program offers assistance to students who are in Primary School, High School or University / TAFE who live in SCH social housing properties to achieve their educational goals.

You may have noticed that the scholarship program had recently had a name change. This change has been made in honour of our recently retired SCH Board Member June Stevens. June has provided over 20 years of service to SCH as a Board member and is passionate about the value of education and training. Catherine, a previous SCH tenant that is supported by the Disability Trust, recently received a scholarship for both of her children Matthew and Ashlyn. We value education a lot to give our kids the best opportunity we can afford. The first time I applied for Matthew was for music lessons and he has been enjoying it. It has helped my daughter Ashlyn get technology for high school. She has a good laptop that will last her the first 4 years of high school. ‘Catherine said.

Now that we are up against more families than ever due to the program’s popularity. It is important to put your best on the application when you are applying because it’s for your kids. Give it your best go and if you are blessed enough to get that opportunity, run with it because it gives people a chance to lift themselves up from where they are and get through. This opportunity will give them
a better chance in life.

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